Free Surf & Guiding

Free surf & guiding

Price: € 590 - 1 week stay

Taghazout is a surfer’s playground. It offers world class surf breaks, all year round, including Anchor Point, Boilers, Killer Point, Draculas, Tamri - and many other secret spots that we keep exclusively for our guests. The coast is blessed with rights, lefts, reef breaks and beach breaks - whatever mood of the day is, our surf guides can take you to a fitting wave nearby. Our guides ensure that you are safe and informed of the local conditions and entry/exit points. We capture your experience on film and photo so you will be left with lifelong memories of riding your dream wave.

All we want you to think about is making the most of your surf sessions and the great comfort and atmosphere of our surf house. Relax, share with your friends, and enjoy life the easy way.

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What's Included

  • Sea view room overlooking the surf
  • WOW Royal breakfast (healthy & delicious)
  • Lunch packs
  • Wi Fi
  • All day transport to surf spots
  • Professional surf guiding
  • Yoga sessions (morning or sunset)
  • Agadir Airport transfers

All our rooms are private, equipped with their own bathroom and toilets. For this reason, and if you are a solo traveler, you will be charged a privacy premium of 20 euros per night. Should you wish to share your room with another person in the same situation, and benefit from a "shared" discount, let us know and we will do our best to arrange it for you.

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Let us get you to the best waves!

You do not have to be a professional surfer to enjoy our surf guiding formula. However, this is designed for advanced surfers and intermediates surfers who are at ease in most of surfing conditions.

Although you will be surfing with our experienced local guides, who will show you the spots (entry and exit points) and everything you have to know to have a safe journey, you will need to demonstrate minimum skills (strong paddle, good physical conditions, good duck-dive abilities, good frontside and backside rides, etc).

Departure time is determined the day before according to weather, swell size and tides. We take you in small groups, and the adventure lasts the whole day. You will be provided a lunch pack so you don’t have to come back to the surf house and waste time in transportation. We generally aim to have you back at around 4.00pm so you can enjoy a small break before taking your sunset yoga session, which will help you stretch out after the hard work out in the water.

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