Positive vibes, fresh start


Positive change is coming!

 Our philosophy at WOW has always been positive vibes, so the news that January 31st hosts a ‘Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse’ gave us extra excitement and we are all feeling the change!

January is a long month for many of us, there is the post festive come-down and the weather is a little colder, even in Morocco! But the change that will be influenced by the lunar eclipse inspires a fresh start and a positive change to the new year.

But what does this huge astrological event mean and how can we harness its power to head into 2018 on the perfect wave?

The ‘Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse’ is called so as it is the second full moon within one calendar month, hence the blue moon. But as it is also a lunar eclipse, which is caused by the Earth’s shadow crossing the moon’s surface, giving it a reddish brown (blood) colour.  

This signals a powerful shift in energy, you may feel on the edge and a little unbalanced but this is a shift to something amazing! Clear your mind, don’t fight it, feel the wave, feel the increase in energy and be ready to ride it!

Astrologer Divine Harmony explains; 

“..with this Total Lunar Eclipse on the North Node in Leo- there’s a clearing out happening in our solar plexus/3rd chakras and in our creative selves, romantic relationships, relationships with children and/or relationship to the child within…”

“It is asking us to get radical in our self-care, self-Love and self-nourishment! 

We also need to get radical in our care and Love for Mother Earth!!! She is our Mother Matrix - without her we cannot sustain ourselves…” 

“It will take fierce Love to shift things right now- within ourselves, in our relationships, on our planet and more…”

It signals the start of a year we will all remember, cast aside all the negativities of 2017 and think ahead, focus on what you want and what are your dreams for the future. This lunar eclipse will reward those who cast aside egotistic behaviours, look beyond appearances and consider how they can be a better part of the world.

Take part in daily practice to better yourself and your contribution to the planet, join a daily yoga class (5pm daily on our ocean view terrace!), take part in a beach clean, be good, be kind and embrace the beauty in the world.

The lunar eclipse is an opportunity to start something amazing, take it, use it and enter this next phase as a wonderful, energised new you!