Recently, we introduced some new fresh and tasty recipes in our menu!

Firstly the smoothie bowls made an appear in our breakfast menu. At world of waves we are always seeking to please you with healthy and delicious recipes. So it's not a surprise that we all love these balanced, complete, colourful and absolutely delicious breakfasts!

We imagined with our chef 4 recipes including 2 vegans: impossible to chose, we love them all!

           Acai berry blast (vegan) :

  • Base : strawberry, mango, banana, coco milk, honey, acai
  • Topping : chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, granola

          Choco loco :

  • Base : Cacao 100%, amlou, banana, milk
  • Topping : coco flakes, chocolate flakes, granola, banana, strawberry

          Misses Green (vegan) :

  • Base : Kiwi, spinach, banana, ginger, oat milk
  • Topping : coco flakes, pumpkin seeds, granola, dattes, banana, pineapple

          Vitamin see :

  • Base : aot flakes, banana, milk
  • Topping : apple, orange, kiwi, strawberry, nuts

Perfect for a balanced, healthy yet yummy breakfast before a surf session, or just to enjoy a perfect breakfast on our beautiful beach-front terrasse!